This week I realized that all of life is one big Soap Opera. I than began to thank God for the commericials. I am talking about those short pauses that occur to give us peace, happiness or special excitment in the midst of the dramas. For example, something simple like reading a good book while in the waiting room of a doctor’s office with a loved one.

Oh, don’t forget about that new Zumba class or the collage making project. I have recently started a new hobby and reading, chatting about coin collecting. I even started a blog. So, now I relax with a magnifying class looking at my change before I roll it up.

My husband has started taking guitar lessons and yes he started a blog for that also. But, now he takes a pause to play with those chords. Sure will be glad when he can play that BB King he promised me.

Or going to your fav coffee shop or little diner to enjoy something special while waiting for the line in the “Whatever place of tension” to go down. How many of you know about the pause at the end of a very trying day relaxing on Twitter, in front of the TV or special quiet time of prayer?

Personally, my faith and humor is keeping me sane. So I welcome those commercials in  my life.

What every it is if you feel like sharing it just might help someone else today. But just remember don’t Tivo your life, keep those commercials coming.

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

3 thoughts on “Dear Baby Boomer, What Are the Commericals in Your Personal Soap Opera?”
  1. This is an awesome post! If one goes thru life without a “commercial break” they will end up with a life uninterrupted–but it will also be filled with a lot of chaos. A commercial break gives us a chance to stretch our legs, get a snack and even change the channel if we have to.

  2. I loved your analogy comparing life’s little surprises and joys to commercial breaks in the grand soap opera of our day-to-day problems. I agree with you and Beverly, those brief but important pauses give you time to reflect and regroup. AND, if you like, change the channel!

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