Here is a short note I received from a friend of mine, and baby boomer real estate attorney in New Jersey.  She hates the “R” word. She also offers a service to help others recover from the use of that word.

Any time someone starts talking about these tough economic times and the “R” word  (recession) comes up, I reply that “I am not participating in the recession.”  A great way to not participate is by reducing and/or eliminating household debt. 
If I could help you substantially shorten the time to pay off your mortgage and/or other consumer debt (e.g., car notes, credit cards, etc.), would you let me show how much you can save in time and money?
To see how much time and money you could save, please check out my website below and click on Free Money Merge Account Analysis.  The analysis is confidential.
Abundantly Free 
If you have questions or need help completing the analysis, please e-mail me and let me know the best time to contact you.  I look forward to helping you not participate in the recession by reducing and/or eliminating debt with the income you currently have.
Lisa Richardson
Exceeding Abundantly Above All, Inc.
P.S. If you or someone you know has a small or home based business the following website provides an introduction to a package of business tools to help grow and manage the business.

Abundantly Free Business Tools

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  1. I LOVE this attitude. I’m goint to start using that response. Just think what an impact it would have if we all adopted that mindset. We would be running out of the big R so fast that it would make one’s head spin.

    I like the new look of this site. :0)

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