BackType is a site that allows you to search for old comments made by you on blog posts. I found out about it only this morning when I saw a google alert. I have also seen a comment, made on a blog about this site,  where one blogger felt this new site was Google Alert on steroids.

What Does The About Page Say?

The ABOUT page on the site says:

BackType is a service that lets you find, follow and share comments from across the web. Whenever you fill out the “Website” or “URL” field in a comment form when you publish a comment on a blog or other website, BackType attributes it to you. We give comment authors a profile featuring all the comments they’ve written on the Internet. If you don’t have a website to use when you fill out comment forms, sign up and use one of ours.

So What? How Will Baby Boomers Benefit?

This baby boomer has found several cool benefits that evolve out of their innovative features.

  • You will be able to get alerts on any blog post you made whenever a COMMENT has been made to your post. This alert will be sent directly to your mail box. You just need to use the SUBSCRIPTION feature.  Of course, you probably have your blog settings so that you are already notified of comments. But here you can moniter ALL the comments via RSS feeds.  So when I finish and publish this post I will submit the url to this post.
  • You can submit a post url to some hot discussion you read on a blog by using the CONNECT feature.  Even if you did not make a comment you can check out what other people are saying on places like , Friendfeed, Blogger, Twitter, etc. Imagine reviewing posts on politics, sports and other issues. Did someone say what you meant to say but because you did not want anyone to know what you were thinking just did not say it.
  • Just like Google Alerts, you can moniter conversations related  to your brand or any term you want to stay informed about. But According to the site authors,  BackType is the only site that will follow mentions in BLOG COMMENTS.
  • Twtter like follow on comments you make. What I mean is, just like Twitter, when you click on the PEOPLE tab you are able to follow other folks and they can follow your comments. Right now the person with the highest number of followers is super blogger Chris Brogan. It becomes another social network just for your blog comments.


I set up an account for Blogging Betty Boomer. She(I) have a Twitter ID with that name and entered that information also. I also began to follow some folks who don’t have a lot or any folks following them. I noticed, as I keyed in some names, that some folks show up with different websites and names they have used to make comments.
Yes, you do not have to use your real name. But what ever name you often use to make comments on sites and the associated website.

I will probably go back and do accounts for names I often use, like my real name. But, for now I will play and learn. I also realized how many sites I need a presence in besides Facebook. They provide a way to import all the comments you have made on sites like Vox, Friendfeed and 11 other sites. How cool. Some I am on with my real name but imagine having a presence with your branded name as well as with your regular name. Or, if you are involved in a non-profit you can establish a presence in these sites and do relevant comment tracking. Umm

It seems to be fun and useful so join me in this exploration. Remember, we babyboomers must always be willing to learn something new. Funny, I just wrote that on a new site I put up based on one of my key notes, My Best Is Yet To Come.

Oh, you can also follow the genius authors individually as well as by site name on Twitter.

If anyone has other comments please share them.
But remember to join  BackType first so you can start tracking those comments.

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

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  1. How cool is that?! I”m always forgetting what sites I leave comments on and then never going back to see the rest of the “conversations”. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

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