I stumbled upon a really cool baby boomer blog while participating in a discussion on videos on your blog. The blog is AskCherlock.

The insightful and opinionated blog authors started the site in March 2008.  He is Fiscal Analyst and small business ownerand she is a  Licensed Private Detective. Both of them are  from Pittsburgh, PA.

Their blog mission is to provide: Boomer Thought Mode-Politics-Opinions-Life Issues-Impact.  They are, after reading several of their posts, successful with each post.

But then in the midst of the thoughtful posts is a page with a single video. Their love of music provides a fresh new video every week. How cool

 Check out the music video for this week.

But play it twice while you glean some of the very interesting posts from two baby boomers with a lot to say. Be sure to make your comments.

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.