Listen for the serious blooper I made when saying the name of my blog. Enjoy and laugh a little or a lot.

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

9 thoughts on “Boomer Bloopers-Sharing a Blog Post”
  1. Rosie, you are so much fun to watch and listen to! Film is your medium! Bloopers are a riot. I grew up on them. My mom had a hearing loss in one ear, and it caused her to hear things quite creatively and often to speak like Mrs. Malaprop. So, as you can guess, if it bloops, I love it! Mother love was an ongoing language mix-up for me. I’m convinced it’s part of what made me a writer.

  2. Hi friend!
    Loved your video–full of energy, information, and humor. Okay, maybe you flubbed your url just a tiny bit but, hey, that’s part of being a baby boomer! We may have occasional brain-glitches but we still rock–and so do YOU!

  3. Hey Rosie,
    I loved your video! Especially since I just set up my first blog!!!! Your little “stutter” didn’t take anything away from wonderful you!!!
    Thanks for the tips!

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