I used to think that I could not do some things to my regular website myself. Or even the thought of creating a sales page was something left to the younger minds. I also felt intimidated with the greek like code I saw  behind my website or in the edit section of my blogs. I felt like hanging garlic around my neck as if I was warding off a vampire .

But I took a class with Toolie on PC tools and actually begin to understand more. No, still not a super wiz and so much more to learn but I sure farther than I was before. And yes, I am taking her class again as an alumni. Why? Because she has even more to share and I am growing younger and need to keep my mind strong.

Want to get a sample? Well she is doing a  TWO FREE WEBINARS 9o minutes each, tonight and again before the class starts on Feb. 26, 2009.

If you want to listen  and see  this free webinar go sign up right now

Now, if you do decide to take the class along with me  please use this link. Yes, this is an affiliate link because I believe in in her teaching skills, expertise and sincerity so I really can promote it to you with a clear conscience. So use my link to go and sign up for the class and also view a preview call that was done last month.

By Rosie

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