What was on the luncheon menu?  Now, I know more important items are hitting the blog world today. But I did wonder what was on the menu as I sat with my hubby while we took a work break and went to a local diner to eat. We were not able to attend but still found it exciting. Just found out about this on Twitter.

Here is the link to the lunch menu.

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3 thoughts on “What Was On The Inaugural Luncheon Menu Attended by Obama?”
  1. As a chef of course I too was interested and the menu sounds delicious. It was pointed out to me, in an email from Janice Taylor however, that if you ate everything you were served, not counting any wine, the total calories was over 3000! Yikes, but hey, how many inauguration luncheons does one get to attend? I’d eat every last drop with thanksgiving.

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