Our grandchildren can help us with a really simple and technical task that can help any of us doing caregiving. What is it you are wondering? Well, if your grandchildren have an Ipod, Itouch or IPhone ask them to import your written list of medicines into your Ipod, Itouch or IPhone if you don’t know how to do it.

This will enable you to do several things:

  • Quickly retrieve the number of the medicines when you need refills and away from the house.
  • Share this information with health personal when needed.
  • Electronically send the information to whoever you give permission to have it.

Does this make any viable sense?

Can this be a way to involve members of our family in learning about different phrases of responsiblity? I wonder.

Any other suggestions?

I have an IPod and hubby has a ITouch so we plan to do it ourselves or refer to sombody’s grandchild. (Smile)

By Rosie

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4 thoughts on “Grandchildren Can Help With Caregiving-A Simple, Yet Powerful, Technical Task”
  1. I also believe the simple (non-technical) things can also have a huge impact on care-giving. Just having a grandchild stop by and visit and share some quality time is as equally important.

    Great post Rosie!

  2. what an amazingly practical and helpful way that grandchildren can become involved with the care of their grandparent. This is a super idea and I hope that many follow your suggestion.

  3. You are so right Bev. I can remember always stopping by to visit my grandmother on my way home from school. She always seemed to enjoy the visits. And when I was caring for my father, he always looked forward to the weekends when the grandkids came to see him. Even when his Alzheimer’s was progressing and he wasn’t always sure who they were, he still enjoyed their visits.

    And if those grandkids are more technologically advanced than Grandma – which is too often true in my case – it’s a double blessing! Thanks for the suggestion, Rosie!

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