I just joined boomerater and I discovered seven reasons why you might want to join also.
1, User friendly site, easy to navigate and easy to sign up!

2. You are asked you for your opinion on the first page. Since the site is still in BETA, (That means they are still working out the bugs and adding improvements) it is a great opportunity to share your snags and suggestions.

3. Information Packed Forums which gives you the opportunity to ask questions, have discussions and share advice and experiences with other Boomeraters. So far, the forums cover topics and answers questions related to the areas listed below:

  • Financial
  • Housing & Community
  • Health & Fitness
  • Family & Relationships
  • Travel
  • Shopping
  • Interests & Passions and
  • Career
  • 4. They have Special features which include:

Find a financial advisor

Where you can search their database of over 3,500 advisors and read what other Boomeraters have said about their advisors. COULD YOU PUT YOUR NAME THERE?

Search for vacation ideas-I know a travel expert who would love to share some ideas here.

Planning a trip or quick getaway? Get great travel ideas by checking out trips taken by other Boomeraters.

Search their  shopping database

You will see products personally recommended by other Boomers in things such as Gadgets & Gizmos and Fit for Life. Oh, my I wonder if you could reccommend your own products?

Find your perfect town

Now this is about retirement locations, but once again, you know my feelings about that. I call them transition locations. But it is a super helpful feature. You can read town ratings and reviews and get detailed town profiles to help you find the perfect place to relocate or retire.

5. You can increase the font size of the Boomerater site

6. The profile questions make you think and relate to baby boomers. Although I am a wee bit rebellious with some of my answers. (I have been talking with the author of Fiesty over Fifty.)

7.  There is room for growth and contributions from your expertise and experiance.

Of course, I would like to see a section on online marketing and blogging and yes, I will make the suggestion. Right now, I have a question about what to do if your site gets hacked since one of mine received a visit. But that is another post. Meanwhile, please go on over, share your insights and tell them I sent you.

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

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  1. So many sites are springing up and there isn’t enough time to get to them all. Thanks for navigating the web and finding a good one. As someone who knows you and is in awe of your expertise, I’m sure your suggestion is right on!

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