Health is one of the main concerns of baby boomers. We are concerned about the health of our children, parents and finally ourselves. I feel that our concern for ourselves is critical if we are to help others. As a long time Community Health Educator I was excited about compiling this list. And as a caregiver and baby boomer I know that it is important to have resources that speak directly to the needs of baby boomers.

Of course not all the blogs in blog world are listed in this little list. This is just a way of “priming the pump.” (Getting the water to flow) The list is limited to baby boomer authors or sites directed to baby boomers. Note also, that all the blogs in this list are by real people.  Many sites were omitted from my list although they were directed to baby boomers because they  did not have an ABOUT page or information about the authors.

If any sites are included without an ABOUT page it is because I knew the author to be a live person not a robot or sales machine.

Please tell me about other blogs that are by or written for baby boomers. I hope the resources are helpful to you.

Thanks so much.

 1. Great Adaptations

A blog on brain health by Suzanna B. Stinnett who states:

I focus on brain fitness and the power of our imagination because these are the things I relate to the most. After all, how can we innovate if our brains quit working? This is my way of keeping my community fit and engaged for the promising world I believe is now unfolding.

2. Midlife With A Vengeance

The author,Gregory Anne Cox was one of the early female graduates of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. She spent 20+ years in the hospitality industry, and cooked privately for many of the country’s rich and famous. Reviews of her culinary efforts have appeared in The New York Times, Gourmet, and The San Diego Union Tribune among others. While in San Diego, Gregory helped develop and expand the first heart healthy, fresh, quick food restaurant called Daily’s Fit & Fresh.

The tag line of her site says: All a Woman Needs to Stay ,Fit, Healthy, Sassy and Sane.

3. Archer Fit Press

Archer Pam says:  My intent and purpose of this page is to share health and fitness information with you in a real and personal way.  I have been a fitness professional, personal trainer, and instructor for nearly two decades.  I draw from my own experence and research to write a column for our local newspaper on health and fitness. 

Personal Note: She inspired me to take Zumba classes from her writings and interview I had with her which is listed on this site.

4. Peace With PTSD

Peace with PTSD” is authored by baby boomerLady Spirit Moon Cerelli, Author, Speaker and Workshop Presenter, to assist those with PTSD, and other stress-related behavior disorders, find a comfortable place to inquire about the information available on PTSD.

5. Menapause Mama

The blog is authored by journalist, author and talks show host, Beverly Mahone. She is also the founder of Boomer Diva Nation.

6. The Breast Diva

A blog authored by baby boomer, Debbie Mormino. She promotes and shares the message of good breast health.

7. Happy Nutritionist‘s Nuggets and Happy Nutritionist

are both authored by baby boomer Claudia L. Meydrech, CN .She states: “I have been helping people find health through nutrition for over 22 years.  After attending college, and a few years learning and teaching others about medicinal herbs, I continued my education and received my CN designation (Certified Nutritionist)…”

8. Healthy Aging For Women

“… educating my patients is what I do – it’s a guiding principal to my practice. After all, it’s not my body, but yours. It’s up to each of us to take the advice we are given,
evaluate it and make the best choice for ourselves.
Our providers are merely our guides.”
Barbara C. Phillips, MN, NP
Family & Geriatric Nurse Practitioner

9. The Caregiver

This is just one of a series of sites by Bob DeMarco. Be sure to visit all the sites he has providing information to any baby boomer currently providing care to their parents or other relatives.

10. Manopause

Providing Midlife Men a Place to Breathe

11. Trisha Torrey

  Trisha provides patient empowerment, advocacy, medical consumerism and tools to navigate the dysfunction of American health care.

12. The 45 Year Old 6 Pack

Just looking at the catergories  tell the rest of the story. They include:
# Exercise Guidance
# Nutrition Basics
# Flat Belly Recipes
# Fat Loss Tips
# Healthy Habits
# Inspiratio

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

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  1. Thank you, Rosie, for compiling that amazing list of blogs that focus on health and well being. You’re right, as we grow older, we no longer take our bodies and minds for granted and we are much more aware of keeping them running at peak performance.
    Unfortunately, at this time of year, with so much to do, I sometimes neglect the basics like exercise and eating right. Your post reminded me of the importance of doing just that and I’m going down your list to get the latest tips right now. Great and thanks again!

  2. With much appreciation for the time and effort you have commited to improve the health and well-being of us baby boomers (I’m on the cusp)!!! I cannot wait to delve into several of them, especially Great Adaptations and the Happy Nutritionist. THANK YOU ROSIE!!! 🙂

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