There are, believe it or not, a large number of baby boomer women blogging. Don’t be surprised because we have a lot to say that makes sense, saves sanity and makes you smile. This post only deals with a few blogs that are by and for women that make you laugh, feel good and think at the same time.  Baby boomers are true experts at doing that type of multi-tasking.

So visit these sites, post a comment or two and let me know who I missed.

Women Over 40 Rock!

The In the Trenches Productions Entertainment Website Celebrates
the Power and Beauty of Women Over 40

Live Peace and Passion

Everyday news and interests from people who live peaceful, yet passionate lives

Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights

Inspiration, laughs, and lowdown for a cool rest of your life.
This blog complements HOT FLASHBACKS, COOL INSIGHTS by Joyce Mason, her upcoming memoir.
It’s an online community that celebrates the idea: “Boom is the sound the ‘baby’ generation makes when it explodes the old Old”

Fiesty Side of Fifty

The auther states:

“My personal mission is to reach as many of my gender and generation as possible to celebrate our remarkable history, our awe-inspiring futures, and just plain hoot and holler as only the menopausal can. We gals have overcome some pretty formidable challenges and we’re not going to let a few wrinkles stop us now.”

Baby Boomer Bev

Baby Boomer Talk & other stuff provides useful information for middle aged women.

Home Spun Highlights

Stories to make you smile

Midlife’s a Trip!

A midlife coach who says “Enjoy the Ride”

A Year to 50

Read all about this 49 year old female baby boomer’s ups and downs,
opportunities and fears, as she captures and shares her feelings and experiences on the days
 and weeks leading up to the big 5-0.

Angela Betts

Jam with the music that will perk you up right away so turn down the speakers.

Countdown to 50

Countdown to the world’s largest virtual birthday party

Stay tuned for more list categories.

But for now check these out! Feel free to share even more cause it is a big boomer world out there.

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

26 thoughts on “10 Baby Boomer Woman Blogs That Make You Feel Good to be a Baby Boomer Woman”
  1. A nice collection of blogs. There’s also Fabulous After 40, a blog by two women for women. It’s on fashion after 40. I also write a blog for baby boomers (The Boomer Chronicles) but it is not exclusively for women. Lastly, if you visit my blogroll, you will find a gigantic list of boomer blogs. They are blogs by people of boomer age, some directed at boomers, and some that are more general interest.

  2. Rosie,

    I’m honored to be included on your list. While I recognize the majority of these blogs, there are some I do not. I love the “Midlife’s a Trip!” title and I will definitely be checking it out.

    It is my hope that people will find useful information as well as be entertained when they come to the blog you listed. It’s all about being a baby boomer parent and a member of the sandwich generation.

  3. Thanks Rhea, you are a true legend and I often visit your site. Thanks for all the other blog suggestions. You are, as always, an invaluable resource

  4. So happy to have found your blog Rosie. And to have the above list to refer to when looking to read the chronicles of kindred boomer souls. I was aware of 3 of the blogs but am about to get busy introducing myself to the rest.

  5. Thanks for the list of boomer sites. Some are new and look to be a very valuable resource for women. My site,
    The Baby Boomer’s Network, is not exclusively for women, but also has tons of information that women can relate to.
    Always enjoy your blog.


  6. Dotsie I am so glad you stopped by and told folks about your exceptional resource site. Thanks

  7. Dear Rosie,
    Two friends emailed me the link to your blog to tell me that the In the Trenches blog was recommended by you. Thank you so very much. All of us at In the Trenches are extremely grateful to you for the mention. There is definitely a movement going on out there.
    Again thank you for thinking of us.
    Debbie Zipp, In the Trenches productions

  8. This is an excellent list! I learned a lot from it. This is a great service for Baby Boomer Women and for those of us who support Baby Boomer Women. Thanks very much.

  9. Rosie,

    I’m back with one more comment and an addition. I think the reason the majority of blogs you listed are GREAT is because they are “personal” spinkled with facts. The authors are human and they express themselves in a lot of different ways.

    I read different blogs for different reasons. The blogs you list are on my list because they are personable and enjoyable to read. I am truly honored to be included on that list.

    Now may I add: 🙂

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