Many internet marketers, in my opinion, are true con artists. They promise you the moon without telling you that you have to wait until the sun sets before you can see it. But you never find out until you spend a zillion dollars to buy a pair of shades.

Internet marketing is not a quick get rich game. But truth be told there are  so many hustlers are out there that tell you  that lie. Now don’t misunderstand me I have and will continue to  invest in good information and training from folks who can be trusted to deliver great content that I can understand -plus easily put into action. But I do want to warn you that the Con Artists are alive and well.

Internet marketing takes an investment of time and money to build systems and strategies that can work. Blogging can be one of those systems along with others. I have shared resources with you in the past.  As I continue to learn more and more I will continue to share different things both free and fee that I am finding useful.

Today I want to share with you my views about an internet marketer who is systematic, easy to understand and a baby boomer. Wow, what a winning combination. Plus she listens and responds to your questions no matter how stupid you may  feel it came out. I have never felt intimidated or afraid to ask those stupid questions.(smile) via email or on a live training.

I know that in earlier posts I have mentioned her but every time I take another class or read a special report I am impressed. Now, you must know that the secret to getting lots of information is to put it into action right away. One of the things she does each and every time she instructs is to challenge you to complete a task by a certain date. Who is the benefit? YOU.

I will in the future tell you about more of her classes, but right now I want to focus on any baby boomer out there who may be in the THINKING phase of internet marketing. You need to know what you are getting into and how to start. 

But I must WARN YOU if you are taking any of her webinar series be sure to follow her instructions and do the homework and review the huge database of resources she provides. I just finished a session on affiliate marketing and still doing my homework. But I must admit that I saw a $6.00 sale the day after I did the assignment. Don’t laugh, that may not be a lot but it is about setting up those systems and doing it over and over again.

So, if you are just venturing out into this arena consider getting a FREE special report from an excellent Instructor, who is also a baby boomer, Dr. Jeanette Cates. It will give you a great start.

I am also, creating this as a category on this blog. So keep looking for other goodies.

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

4 thoughts on “Internet Marketers-Are They All Con Artists?”
  1. I’m blushing, Rosie. Thank you so much for ALL of the wonderful thing you’ve said. But you failed to mention my WONDERFUL students and members! You, for example, are always on every webinar, asking good questions – then taking ACTION. I appreciate you and all you’ve achieved in the short time I’ve known you. You are a joy to any teacher and I take pride in each of your achievements.


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