Baby Boomer  Journey is a realistic look at the exciting, sometimes  ignored, travels of a baby boomer. I like the fact that the author is a man giving a peek into many of the issues related to baby boomers in general as well as males in particular.

I was especially impressed with his post on the presidential election and the lack of focus on healthy children.It was well written, and the author, Mark, shared a personal story about his son that was a wake-up call to the need for action in our busy schedules.

I did not see an archive on the site so I don’t know how long he has been posting. But I think each post holds it’s weight providing interesting book reviews and commentary. There are going to be lots more posts but after reading the bio of the author you may wonder when  will he have time. He is living a full and balanced baby boomer life. Hence, I suspect that every post will be valuable and worth reading.

I fully expect this site to bloom even more with insights into the baby boomer journey. Below is the mission of the site from the About page. Be sure to read information about the author also. I am always impressed when I stumble on a site and actually see that it is owned by real people and not a link bait farm.

Welcome to Baby Boomer Journey!

Baby Boomer Journey is an interactive forum resource dealing with topics and issues appropriate to all Boomers.

Over the next 11 years, 11 million Baby Boomers will be resigning their present positions and going into a phased retirement. Many will continue part time in their current professions and many will choose to in a completely different direction.

Whatever the case, Boomers will continue to drive the economy and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

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  2. I have to agree with Ravi. I checked out the site, and was pleasantly surprised with all the fabulous content that gets updated daily. Plus they have games, forums, blogs, on almost any topic you can think of!

  3. I have recently completed a memoir about my life as a boomer and my family and the mess our lives were.
    Would there be any interest in me posting a chapter or two for your review?
    Baby Boomers are getting older and our parents are slowly beginning to leave us. For many, issues of inheritance will be fair and equitable event, but what would it be like if it wasn’t? In “Broken Birds” my mother Channa, who was a Partisan fighter in World War II, and my father Nathan, who was a survivor of Dachau death camp have five children. When Channa dies she doesn’t leave the family house to Dad, but instead selects only one child to give it to. What was once a family is now led down the road to emotional destruction?
    Broken Birds is a little Holocaust, a little sibling rivalry and a lot of family emotion.

  4. Has the book been published? I am sure chapters submitted can benefit from the reviews by readers of this site.

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