I love hearing the word SAVE these days.  Before the economy became unstable I learned all my software online. Now, I am glad I do. I want to share seven  ‘ SAVES’ that will help you if you are planning to learn new software.

1.       Save Gas

Gas prices can go up or down it doesn’t matter because I can sit in my home or anywhere I might be in the world learning Outlook, Excel, or PHP  on my PC or husbands Mac without starting my car engine, burning a planes’  gas, or taking a bus.

2.       Save Time

I am one of those people who feel that time spent can equal money wasted or earned. (Unless it is time spent with family.) So, traveling to a location, parking the car, and listening to an instructor I may or may not understand can be a big waste of time.  When I dedicate 30-60 minutes learning PowerPoint 2007, for example, I don’t need to factor in the time spent traveling to and from a location, signing up for the class, sending in the money, etc

3.       Save On Books

You just don’t need text books when you learn software online. So say good-bye to buying “how to learn Photoshop”, etc., books on Amazon, E-bay or any other way.

4.       Save My Sanity

I no longer feel like I am going crazy because I didn’t understand the really smart technological genius teaching me Photoshop who did not have good communication skills. Or, the really nice instructor who spent most of his time helping the really cute looking model in the seat in front of me.

 My online software training company has trainers that take the time to explain new terms, speak clearly and still know their stuff. That is really important for someone who doesn’t have a 13 year old grandson to explain everything.

5.       Save On  Retention

I actually remember more of what I learn when I do it online. Ok, let me explain. I can stop the video, then go and do what I learned. I just open another tab or window and practice what I just learned. I can work at my own pace.

6.       Save Respect

Yes, you can save the respect of everyone who looks to you to have the answer to tough questions. For example, if you are a baby boomer you don’t want to lose the respect of younger folks in your audience because you still don’t know how to put your PowerPoint into a slide show mode. They  will miss hearing your solutions to their problems  because you have not fully learned the technology.

7.       Save Money

If I want to take a class on Html or PHP it will not be cheap. The same holds true for the Adobe products.  But my husband and I pay a flat fee every year to have access to a huge amount of software titles for the price of taking a class for a single topic. We just saw a flyer for a full day of Photoshop which cost close to $300 dollars. Whereas, we can view over 12 hours for that same course in addition to 70,000 tutorials for less than the price of one live class.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still attend a “live” class when I know the reputation of the instructor or if it is a course that is not available online. But I so enjoy my savings and vast assortment of offerings online.

I encourage you to visit http://www.babyboomersoftwaretraining.com and sample some of the “savings.” You can even take some of the first couple of classes FREE for each of the courses.


By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.