Our guest blogger today is a life coach. His clear perspective on coaching will make you wonder not only if you need one but could you be one? Something to think about.

Unleash The Person Inside You, With A Life Coach

By Donell EdwardsEach of us has another person hidden inside and eager to get out, an alter ego willing to take calculated risks in order to achieve a fuller and more rewarding life.

But most of us are too afraid to leave our comfort zones, so we refuse to let our alter egos surface, and continue to settle for mediocrity or “good enough, “when we could have so much more.

Most of us would rather sit on the couch night after night watching re-runs instead of taking the necessary steps to get ahead in life, such as going back to college for that advanced degree, or investing in personal development tapes or seminars.

It’s totally up to each one of us to decide which type of person we want to be, and you have to answer that question for yourself.  You’re either satisfied with the status quo, or–to borrow an old Army slogan, “You want to be all that you can be.”

Let me share a personal experience with you. 

There was a time in my life when I experienced severe financial difficulties, and during the winter I would have to walk long distances without a coat.  Most of the time I did not feel cold because I had gotten used to being without a coat.

Then one day a friend gave me an overcoat and I was amazed at the warmth and comfort the coat provided.  I had convinced myself that I was comfortable until I felt the warmth provided by the overcoat.

Sometimes life is the same way.  We choose to ignore the circumstances that limit our growth and development, and convince ourselves that we are satisfied when in reality we are bursting at the seams to let our alter ego out of hiding.

One of the best ways to release your alter ego and to become all that you can be is to work with a life coach. Millions of people have found that working with a life coach allows them to find themselves and to reach their full potential.

Coaches are trained to observe and listen in order to help their clients reach their goals and make significant life changes, both professionally and personally.

According to the International Coach Federation, “Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives.”

The late Thomas Leonard, founder of Coach University, which has trained more than 11,000 coaches in 51 countries, noted technological advances and other societal changes have made life coaching more practical and necessary than it might have been in previous years.

“We are now at the stage of human, societal and technological development where each person has not just the possibility to reach his or her own potential, but the probability of doing so if he or she can access the right tools and create a nurturing and challenging personal and professional environment.”
And employing a life coach should be considered an investment and not an expense, the same way getting an advanced degree or attending a professional training seminar in an investment in your career.

Those who have benefited from working with a life coach indicate that the average cost of a life coach is returned many times over, so it’s definitely a wise investment.  And because it’s considered a business expense, the cost is totally tax deductible, though you should consult with your tax advisor first.

As a people,  Americans have a rich history of finding a way to survive, succeed, and excel.  Working with a life coach will help you accomplish your goals and achieve the success you deserve much faster.

Even more importantly, life coaching will help you unleash the creative, dynamic and adventuresome person inside you that you must release in order to reach your full potential.

Donell Edwards is a life coach, speaker, and business consultant.  For more information about life coaching go to www.DonellEdwardsEnterprises.com.

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