Politics is a dynamic arena for blogs. Baby Boomers are in the midst of creating and posting to sites that amplfy our seasoned voice and vibrant discussions. So for the a little while I will be sharing some some of the political blogs out there in the blog world.

Please share those you know about so our readers canĀ  stay tuned with the varied and vibrant discussions.

Today I will share with you a site called Politico.

Below is the narrative from their about page:

January 2007

The Politico’s goals are simple. Over the past several weeks, we set out to assemble the most talented and interesting collection of journalists — established names as well as promising young people — that we could find. Now, we will turn these reporters loose on the subject we love: national politics.

We will focus on three arenas. The first is Congress and the constant flow of agendas, personalities and power struggles that define daily life on Capitol Hill. The second is the 2008 presidential campaign, a race already churning and one likely to shape history in ways far beyond the typical election. The third is lobbying and advocacy, a part of the capital economy undergoing rapid growth and change. It is a business alive with interesting and influential characters whose impact is dimly understood and insufficiently covered.

You must registar to post to the site as well as participate in the chat room and forumns. The pages for the blog include:









Columns(lots of sub-categories here)

It is, indeed, a very comprehensive site with lot’s of comments.

So give it a view or two. Politico


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