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August 23rd, 2008 at 1:48 am

Boomer Parties-Face to Face Social Networking

Baby Boomers are used to face-to-face social networking. The advent of oneline networking should not push away or put down the old-fashioned “getting to know you opportunities.

This site, Boomer Parties, is an attempt to increase the connections folks can make with each other, perhaps, after they meet online. It provides resources for folks who want to network in New York City.

This is also a site that I would not use. 30 years of marriage to the same boomer cuts out my social networking as a single.


The ABOUT US page says the following:


BOOMER PARTIES INC. was created to fill a much needed outlet in New York City for
fun social networking, entertainment and nightlife events for Single Baby Boomers.

Our mission is to bring age-appropriate Baby Boomers Singles together to meet for fun,
for romance and to make new friends while having fun doing it!

Our events include singles cocktail parties, after work get-togethers, weekend parties,
social networking events, dances at upscale clubs, dining-out events, charity events
and mix and mingle type of events in a comfortable age-appropriate environment!

So give a visit to the site. I found out about it when someone from the site posted a comment on my bloggingforboomers site.  If anyone else has some experiance with it please give a review.


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    Boomer Biz Events features monthly business networking events exclusively for Baby Boomers in New York City. The business networking needs of Baby Boomers are uniquely different than those of generation x and y. Some Boomers are now facing the big question of whether to retire, sell their business or start a brand new business venture. Others have a home-based business and want new ways to get out and meet other Baby Boomers for new sales leads or business referrals. Others have lost their job in this down-turned economy and are looking for ways to make new business contacts to help in their job search.

    For more information,

    Boomer Biz Events on October 19th, 2008
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    Woman of this era seem to have pulled closer together, forging through even the toughest of times-Thus proving to each other we cannot be stopped! More gatherings, more chinwagging and many more great ideas!

    Debbie Stevens on April 27th, 2009
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