Blog Whispers is a blog run by a group of blog coaches that practice what they preach!

They are very much for the beginner blogger. Read what they had to say on their ABOUT page.

Think of us as blog coaches. We’re also Blog Designers. We’re excited about blogging and here to help you become a better blogger!This is an actual WordPress Blog that we use to illustrate what blogging can do for you.

We share some of the greatest secrets blog experts use in blogging to drive and create new business.

We showcase some of the latest technology and widgets.


We can show you the best ways to optimize SEO, Page Ranks, and creating reader traction.

You can setup a blog with a domain name (as in for free or we can help design the perfect custom blog on your very own domain (as in

No matter what you choice you make, blogging is the best way to create new business and strengthen the existing relationships you already have!

Once again,

They have a very user friendly page tab with a simple blog template. I also encourage you to soak up what they have to say about Search Engine Optimization.

So, when you get a chance give them a look!

Keep up the great work guys!


By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.