News of the earthquake in China makes me pause to pray and ponder about what can be done. In the midst of an election in the US other major issues overseas and personal dramas what is really important?

As baby boomers we are challenged with , sometimes, knowing too much. We remember other life changing events and are used to coming to the rally cry for change and real concrete action steps. Now, that has not changed and the huge loss of life and livelihood in China makes me re-evaluate some things we hold to be important.

I wish I had the money that has been spent on the political campaigns to send for assistance. I wish I encourage folks to shift gears from trivia to time spent praying. But that is my perspective.

This is not a review of a product or resource just rosie reviewing her thoughts. What are your reviews, reflections and reactions?

By Rosie

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One thought on “EarthQuake in China-What Can We Do That is Important Enough?”
  1. Rosie, I hear your compassion and call for prayer and reflection. Even though we are far away, every little bit of financial help DOES make a difference (as well as every ounce of prayer, good will or meditative reflection for the people who are suffering). Natural disasters of this magnitude often make us stop to pause and appreciate our lives which are so precious. They are also a reminder that—politics aside—we are all part of the human race, so let’s stand up in favor of humanity and say a prayer for the survivors of this tragedy–for peace, safety, health, joy and love.

    And while we’re at it, let’s make a donation to the American Red Cross, to Unicef, or to whatever charitable organization you prefer so that the abundance of our prayers can be expressed in real financial terms that supply the much needed supplies to rescue people, re-build homes and heal the injured.

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