Distress-Free Aging is the title of a new book by Amy Sherman. Amy Sherman writes about how to create a better meaningful life for boomers. Amy took time to answer 3 questions for this blog.



What would be your 3 top tips to share with others about
the book?

Distress-Free Aging examines the fears, self-defeating thoughts, inhibitions and doubts that keep boomers from reaching their full potential. The 10 strategies discussed are
reinforced by exercises at the end of each chapter and are filled with valuable insights for taking personal control and responsibility of one’s own life. Distress-Free Aging
also offers inspiring anecdotes that everyone can relate to taken from Amy’s professional experiences.

And what are you working on currently?

I am preparing some audio interviews with people who have overcome adversity, focusing on what they did to meet their challenges. Since I overcame a health crisis 29 years ago (I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease while pregnant with my son), I knew how difficult it was to get past the denial into a place of empowerment and growth. It took a lot of determination, faith, inspiration, support and specific techniques (my 10 strategies) to turn my health around. These audio tapes will be useful for anyone who is dealing with changes in health, personal or professional loss, the empty nest syndrome, aging parents, etc. I am also putting together another ebook of inspiring articles to help boomers transition through their biggest challenges.

Here is abit more about Amy:

I am a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida
and I follow a holistic approach to therapy, integrating all aspects
of the body, mind and spirit into my sessions. I am also a trained
hypnotherapist, specializing in anxiety, weight loss and health issues.

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  1. There were three different hearings were held in Washington DC last week (one including Ecumen) . . . all highlighting the need for holistic aging public policy in America. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor testified before the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging urging Congress to take a more active role in the research and treatment of Americans with Alzheimer’s Disease. Read more at Ecumen’s blog

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