I interviewed Baby Boomer Ray Horner on collage making. This is Part 1 of a series of interviews. Be sure to go to his site to get the free Collage Tips material. If you want to be part of a live teleseminar and ask questions click here. Enjoy!

By Rosie

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2 thoughts on “Collage Making Interview With Baby Boomer Artist Ray Horner Jr.”
  1. I enjoyed listening to you interview your husband. I did the same thing with my husband a couple of months ago when I did a story on health and fitness. He really didn’t want to do it but it turned out great—just like the one you did with Ray! I now have a whole new appreciation for making a collage. I thought it was just for elementary school kids.

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by and listening!
    We are just getting ready to do part 2 this very hour.
    Thanks again!
    Ray and Rosie

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