Events is a new category on Rosies Boomer Review. Although I wish I could attend each event I may post a bout I am asking that YOU either call in or write a review of an event related to or of interest to Baby Boomers. You can also SUBMIT UPCOMING EVENTS and later send in a review.



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3 thoughts on “Baby Boomer Events a new category”
  1. Rosie, thanks for this new Event category on your Review blog. I am co-founder of Sea-Treat, A Women’s Retreat at Sea and this December 6-11, will be taking between 50-80 women (of all ages) on a retreat aboard Carnival’s Destiny. In addition to enjoying the 5-day cruise, participants will be scheduled for insightful and enlightening workshops, seminars and demonstrations which cover many topics, including humor, relaxation/meditations, anti-aging tips, enhancing one’s relationships, etc. This is our Second Annual event and if you want further information, go to or contact Amy at 561-281-2975.

  2. For Baby Boomer Singles, in the New York City metroplitan area, Boomer Parties Inc. features fun monthly social networking events for Baby Boomer Singles. Our next event is our Autumn Cocktail Party on Saturday, October 25th, 2008 at The World Bar.

    For all the details, please visit our website:

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