Pop Art Diva will bring you back to those really fun times of Pop Art.. This fun site takes pages out of pop art history compares them to today’s culture. When you go on the site pay close attention to the detail of the header. The Pop Art Diva could probably do a contest based on that creative piece of art.

Let me share with you the description of the site;

American Pop Culture of Today versus Yesterday from a Baby Boomer’s Point of View, the PopArtDivaâ„¢ Blog is a trivial pursuit of pop culture in America. Just taking an ironic poke at the iconic folk, a social commentary on the silliness of trends, an occasional rant about the unpredictabilities of life. All with some cool art to make the journey more bearable! Return with us now to those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear.

This is not your typical historical site. It is a piece of art work in itself. A combination of philosophical musings and exciting images that captivate your memory and imagination. In other words the site makes you think while having fun at the same time.

The art work is awesome. But you can see even more if you visit the website.

I think you will also find her bio fascinating;

POP ART DIVA INVITES YOU TO AN ARTISTIC & JOURNALISTIC BLAST TO THE PAST! I was born during the baby boom and much of my childhood became the pop culture of America. Family vacations were taken on Route 66 in our ’55 Chevy where we stopped at roadside diners that are now part of the past. I grew up watching television classics like “I Love Lucy”, going to drive-in moves and listening to the icons of Rock and Roll. I was in the Peanut Gallery on Howdy Doody. My teens were the time of Woman’s Lib, the Peace Movement, Viet Nam, Nixon versus Khrushchev, the Cold wore, the Moon Landing, Pop Psychology, Mini Skirts and Motown. I bought 45’s of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and the Grateful Dead, ironed my hair and drank cherry cokes at an actual soda fountain. American Graffiti was my childhood, Peter Pan was my dream, Platoon was my reality and Haight Ashbury was my hope. Now decades later I find myself going home again in the only way I know how – through my art, my web sites and my blogs. So please join me on my journey to the past and let’s cruise down memory lane together – it’s sure to be an “E” ticket ride. I’M GOING DOWN MEMORY LANE – COME RIDE SHOTGUN WITH ME!

So take the ride with the Pop Art Diva and enjoy this powerful, underestimated site. Remember you read about here when she is on Oprah or her art work is on the front page of Time Magazine!


Hey, we are the same age.

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

4 thoughts on “Remember Pop Art? If You Don’t Pop Art Diva Will Help You!”
  1. Well, I am blown away by your kind words and enthusiasm for my sites and my obsession with pop culture and all things baby boomer!

    I wonder how many people will still remember my reference to an “E Ticket Ride” today? Well, that’s pop culture, isn’t it!

    Thank you so much for such a glowing review on my passions of art and pop culture – it’s like getting the ultimate “E Ticket” in the Disney ride of Blogdom!

    Pop Art Diva, the artist formerly known as Terri

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