Is Post On Fire another Digg ? I don’t know the answer to that. But it is a boomer friendly social bookmarketing site that is flying high before it’s launch! I do like the category offerings which I feel are more extensive than Digg.

I just signed up and made a post and it was not dramatic! They allow you to post a picture with each post. It does not have to be your mug shot but can be a picture that relates to you post.

Let me share with you the first paragraph from the about page on the site:

Post on Fire is a social bookmarking/networking site for bloggers & blog readers.
It’s a free online community anyone can join. PostOnFire users discover & share the best blog posts on the net. PostOnFire includes a voting system that put our readers in control of which blog posts should be in the front page.
When a new link to a blog post is submitted, it will be added instantly to our “just submitted” section. When a blog post link in the “just submitted” section receives enough votes and less “extinguish”, it will move to the front page “hot posts”.
“Extinguish” is a feature that let users report a link that is not worthy or it’s a spam. When a blog post link receives too much “extinguish”, it will be discarded.

There is more but you can read it for your self. It has the feel of Digg because you can vote for posts. That’s really exciting. Also, there is a contest which makes inviting to keep posting your best entries.

There is much more and just the promise of an opportunity for more links back to your site is worth the visit. However, what about the quality of the posts? I am glad you asked. The categories range from politics to art. The posts are well written and not a waste of time. You will find your interest there.

I was also told that there are a lot of members over 40 and that is another reason I wanted to share this site with my readers. So,”as the you will get used to saying, “Fire up” and keep blogging. I will see you over there.

PS There is also a blog.!


By Rosie

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