Baby boomer Diva, Karlyn.

I say baby boomer diva because she is a proud member of one the the most dynamic group of baby boomer women in the internet world.

Please allow me to share a little information about this “new mom of a blog” directly from one of her sites. She states:

I’ve lived in Southern California since January of 1967.. all my life. I grew up with my older sister and brother in Los Angeles, Orange Country and then Riverside, where I currently still reside with my husband and two children.

I didn’t use computers for much more than chatting and playing online scrabble.. that is, until some time in 1996, a friend of mine showed me the family page he was building. My first response to having a family website was something like “why?”, hehe.. but after seeing what was possible and understanding the value of having a place on the www where you can share your news and photos with family and friends as a way of keeping in touch. So with plenty of encouragement from my friend and an urge to learn more about this website building, I ventured out into the web-design wilderness! Since then, I’ve been designing websites and graphics for myself and others and enjoying every minute.

Visit my online portolio if you have a minute..

.. and if you are ined of design services, consider contacting me.
My design site can be viewed here:

Now let me introduce you to the new born baby which reflects the glory of her photography now, and the months to come. Click here to see the site.

Now I want you to promise that you will comment and go back often to enjoy this wonderful work.


By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

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