Mid life’s a Trip is the title of a blog by Karen Batchelor, life coach. When you go to her About section in her blog she states so well her current purpose driven mission. She says:

Midlife was my salvation because that’s when I got present to what I really want out of life. My inner Q&A helped me get in sync with my life purpose of helping others find a better way and led me to the profession of life coaching where I now help others get through the midlife trip. I now live life and post on this blog as the real me.

I wrote her statement in red because it almost matches the vibrant color on her site. I believe this is probably reflective of the live energy she shares with others as a life coach. You can tell by her blog posts that she is committed to helping boomers make life and career transitions.

Her blog posts started in September, 2007 so be sure to take time to review her well written reflective inside peeks at a sensitive strong woman.

I read a really touching and bitter sweet post that resonates with anyone who has an elderly person they love in their lives. She shares her deep felt visit to her mom with dementia called The Power of the Purse. This short but powerful post left me reflecting, not only on my current challenges with my mom and how she figures into my purpose driven life but also on friends I know going through the same thing.

She deals with so much on this site that lets you know that if you need a life coach that can understand where you are professionally and personally that Karen’s services just might be one of the best investments you could make.


By Rosie

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  1. Rosie–

    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog Midlife’s A Trip here. I am honored. This on top of the encouragement you’ve given to help me grow as a blogger. Since I’ve been online, I’ve learned that sharing our experiences in midlife on blogs like yours is just another way we help one another on the journey. What a blessing!

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