If you have a passion for interior decorating than visit Addicted2Decor. 

This blog, by KRISTI LINAUER is a work of exceptional expertise and entertaining empowerment. The well designed and easy to read blog is perfect for anyone who wants insight into all things related to the world of interior design.  She writes:

This blog is a way for me to share great decorating tips, fun project ideas, inspirational interiors, great new products, and other fabulous finds.  The world of design and decorating is so exciting, and there are always new things to be uncovered and discovered.  Great design is no longer something that’s only available for the wealthy and privileged.  It is becoming more readily available to the masses–regardless of socioeconomic status.  I believe that’s how it should be!

As a southerner, I think I have a unique viewpoint to share with you.  Sure, I love modern and contemporary design (which other popular interior design blogs seem to focus on exclusively), but being from the south, I also have a love for traditional design, which is still quite prevalent in the south.  So I hope to bring you a wide variety of products and inspirational interiors–everything from the ultra modern to the most traditional of southern homes, and everything in between.  

Now, I must admit I have only taken one course in design recently in my boomer years at a local adult school. My husband was putting in a new kitchen and I did not want to be left out of the decisions about color and design. Because he is an artist, photographer, and carpenter with extraordinary taste, I used to be very lazy about any decorating and left it all to him. Shame on me!

But was I in for a surprise when I took that class. It was awesome. I understood more because my husband had been attempting to open my eyes and it all came together with that class. Imagine me keeping a file of color swatches:) So, it is now very natural for me to look with enthusiasm and excitement at a blog like this.

I showed my husband the post about some super architecture by Tadao Ando. Her coverage of his work with pictures and snappy narrative makes you want to keep visiting her site.

So if you only like interior decorating go to this site so you can fall in love with interior decorating!

By Rosie

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