Yes, you read it right there is a video blog called funepets.

So for all you baby boomers who have a pet or love pets you will get a kick out of the is site. The site description states:

Funepets is an entertainment hub targeted to meet the demands of pet owners by providing the ability to share photos and videos of their pets over the internet for others to view and enjoy. With Funepets you can: * Upload and share photos and videos * Relax and enjoy videos uploaded by other users * Browse thousands of funny videos and animations uploaded by other members * Find, join and create groups to meet and connect with people with similar interests worldwide * Integrate Funepets videos with your website using video embeds.

The member ship to the site is FREE. So get that video camera out and start capturing some funny moments with your pets. Please note that there are also animations on the site. There is also an opportunity to give feedback to the site so let them know how you enjoy it or any suggestions you have.

I have included a clip from one of the funny videos on the site about cats. So get ready to have a good laugh!

By Rosie

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