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January 29th, 2008 at 8:18 pm

Better Branding Options at Custom Beverages Are Waiting for You!

My friend, Linda Bailey-Walker has stunned the branding industry with her brand of custom packaging with Custom Beverages.

I will never forget the elegantly labeled bottle of apple cider she sent me as a gift one year. It was adorned with  the cloths of a “diva” and encased in a beautiful wooden box. The label contained my business information and I still have it!

If you are planning an event and want quality branded labels or etchings on your water,soda, etc then please visit Custom Beverages.

There is now a creative brand new  blog on this site called BOB. That stands for Branding Options Blog. The mission of the blog is:  To share strategies, news, and views about customization and branding across a range of industries.  

This blog just started this month and is waiting for your comments and insights.

The catergories include;

Category Archives

* Automobiles
* Beverages
* Bottled Water
* Clothes
* Customization
* Finance
* Food
* General Comments
* Private Label
* Promotional Products
* Technology – software
* Training
* Web 2.0 Customization
So take a few minutes to visit the website and the BOB Blog site.(Now that’s what I call branding) you will not regret it!


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    I just submitted a link for approval at Custom Beverages. Now I’m trying to think of ways to use her service for my brand, PopArtDiva, lol. I love the ideas of putting some of my original art from PopArtDiva.Com ( on beverage bottles!

    PopArtDiva on January 31st, 2008