I posted a discussion on Blogcatalog.com asking for boomer sites. The site I am reviewing today was submitted by someone who knew about four boomer women who were carving out a life in the remote. One of their sites is called, Shari’s Gone Country.

The following description is in blogcatalog:

Discover how four “boomer+” women are creating a working Merino sheep ranch (farm) in the middle of nowhere. You’ll laugh ’til your sides hurt as you help us round up sheep, herd chickens, and clear tumbleweed.

Now you must admit this blog sounds like a lot of fun and relaxation. When you go to the blog it has a picture of two cows eating. Yep, you are ready to take a trip to the country. I looked at the post for today and I thought, “These are strong women!

The posts are down to earth, down to every day living and up to a positive perspective that engages you to want to read the entire blog posts. I would not be surprised if a book does not appear with all their adventures next year.

I am most excited about the fact that they are living out dreams, supporting each other, having fun and still pursuing entrepreneur activities. Her business blog is content filled with organizational tips for staying organized and computer savvy with a home business.

I expect much more to come from the insights of this remarkable woman. I admire her and wish I was out on a farm with my mom. It would keep both of us young! (Meanwhile I am thinking about teaching her how to blog) What a powerful message for other boomers caring for older parents.

Much continued success!

PS I hope she also places this blog in Blogarama

They do not seem to have a lot of boomer sites. The more directory placements the better.

By Rosie

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