Let me introduce you to Jack Payne. He is 81 years young. His blog is called Con Man’s Blog.

The beginning part of his profile states:

Jack Payne was the founder and first editor/publisher of the newsletter, Business Opportunities Digest. His 55 business books have sold over 1.1 million copies, and his best-selling How To Make a Fortune in Finders Fees remained in print 25 years. Known for his intensity, his first legal thriller novel, Six Hours Past Thursday, explores, in depth, the workings of the con man mind. The first two chapters of Six Hours Past Thursday are online along with a story summary of the book. Readable for free. You are invited. www.sixhrs.com

Now I was sleepy when I went to the site. But after reading just one post it was like a 10 cups of coffee were injected in my veins.  This is great information! Every post is worthy of an article in Time Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

I was especially impressed with his discussion on scams regarding living trusts, stock options, and other scams that capture your valuable personal information.

I think that Jack should have his own Radio or Talk show so we could all ask him questions and glean from his bottomless well of information and expertise.

This site is a must view, bookmark, rss feed capture and copy and file resource, not just for baby boomers but anyone who could benefit from his wisdom.

Thanks Jack!


By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

One thought on “Just When You Thought You Knew it All-Visit the Con Man’s Blog”
  1. Wow, Rosie, your generous post sounds almost like a eulogy, and, I ain’t even dead yet.

    I’ve been chasing con men for the past 45 years, and, am only now becoming the Ronald McDonald of the Fast Fraud Set. Am having a lot of fun with my Blog. My excuse? I always say to myself, “You’re only young once.” Sure hope the info I pour out will keep those committed to protecting themselves from becoming the con man’s next meal ticket.

    Wonderful service you provide. With some 80,000 blogs on Blog Catalog alone you can get lost in the thicket of trying to explore them. You enable readers to cut through this thicket nicely, rewardingly.

    Keep up the great work. I will be a regular visitor.

    Again, thanks for your recognition of what I am trying to do.

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