I may not have paid attention to the review of the book The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss, by Claire Nouvian, if I had not reviewed the The Right Blue Blog.

This morning I was glancing through a magazine called The American Educator.(Vol.31, No.4, Winter 2007-2008) It is sent to Ray, my husband and author of those exciting blogs Camera Boomer, Horner Art Workshop, and Professor Horners Art Class. He is also an Adjunct at a local University. In this issue there was a colorful and captivating article written by Claire Nouvian featuring authors, Cindy Lee Van Dover, Edith Widder, Craig M. Young, and Lisa Levin. The article excerpt is named 4,ooo Meters Below, New Research Reveals the Wonder of the Deep Sea.

The article begins on page 8 with a statement by the editors which say:

Love at first sight is how journalist and filmaker Claire Nouvian describes her first glimpse of the exotic creatures of the deep sea. “some with surprising s hapes or baffling colors, others that spat out threatening flashes of blue light, and others still that undulated with infinite grace, producing tridescent sparkles” She was desperate to know more, and disappointed at the dearth of information available to the general public. “How is it possible that the Earth bears such marvels and that people don’t even know about them?”. she asked…

The statement continues by stating the book, The Deep, has over 200 striking photos and 14 short esseys by leading oceanographers. This article offers an excerpt from her introduction and four of the esseys from the oceanographers.

Trust me thanks to the wonderful glimpse of the under water wonders by the diver couple of the Right Blue I want to get this book and really travel and learn. Thanks for opening my eyes!!!!

I have provided the link for the book located at Amazon for you.

The magazine is published by the American Federation of Teachers. It is sent to AFT teacher, higher education and other school-related professional members. Non-members can also subscribe for a small fee of $10.00 per year. But if you want to get a copy of this issue you might try Sandy Hendricks: shendric@aft.org


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