Today I want to review a blog called Massage For Adults.

The site does not stop at discussions of massage therapy but expands into major health issues that are critical for every baby boomer.  The site discription says:

Articles, products and sound medical information for self help and well being. The author, a frequent and invaluable blogger on shows an amazing amount of research based knowledge in her posts. For example, there is a clearly written and concise discussion on MRSA. 

If you are guessing tha MRSA has something to do with antibiotics you are right. But I encourage you to go and read the post.

As a Community Health Educator and presentation skills coach I am sensitive to health information that is just the facts without a concern about how well the reader has grasped the information. This site is one that keeps the reader in mind. Plus, there is an opportunity for you to post a question directly on the site!

There is a lot of health information out there and it is helpful to have someone who is sensitive and kind enough to take the time to research and share  insights with readers.

Keep up the great work!!!


By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

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