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December 17th, 2007 at 5:08 am

Boomers-A Trip into the Heart of the Baby Boomer Generation is Worth the View

Boomers is a content filled, concise and collective focused blog. It is authored by a youth minded marketing guru named Brent Green. I will let his own about statement speak for itself:
I am a marketing consultant and author of “Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers: Perceptions, Principles, Practices, Predictions.” I present workshops and give speeches about the Boomer generation and business strategies. I also provide analysis and commentary for news media such as “The Los Angeles Times,” “US News & World Report,” “Business Week,” and “The Wall Street Journal.” My company, Brent Green & Associates, Inc., is an internationally award-winning firm specializing in direct response marketing for health & fitness and Boomer-focused companies. Marketing to Boomers I welcome your comments and questions here. Please enjoy my blog commentary, which usually slides precariously on thin ice.

This site is not just a collection of rants but a collection of information and news updates of interest to baby boomers. I was very impressed with the post on brain training and ageism.

I am convinced that this is one of those “go to sites” for anyone who wants to know what is on the thinking mind of a boomer. It reminds me very much of the static site Now What Jobs because of the comprehensive resources.

For serious bloggers looking for content ideas this is a site to mull over for a fresh point of view and current information.

Thanks Brent for your hard work and expertise.


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    Thanks for your encouraging review of my blog. I’ve been quietly writing it since 2005 and enjoy having a venue to weigh in on some of the most critical issues of our time. I usually post once per month and try to share worthwhile insights and commentary with readers. This last year I’ve added my edited videos, which expands the blog into a Web 2.0 framework. In 2008, I plan to present some short video interviews of truly exceptional people in the fields of marketing, aging and social commentary. Best of success with your blog and thanks for providing a review of all things Boomer in the blogosphere.

    Brent Green

    Brent Green on December 17th, 2007