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November 17th, 2007 at 3:14 am

Interview Teacher-A Great Resource for Boomers

Interview teacher is a blog that was developed by, my friend, Kevin Thompson. He was downsized from his middle management postition. But during his year of job searching he decided to actually conduct training about job search strategies that he was experiencing and learning for other professionals in transition. Many of the the folks he worked with were also baby boomers.

His site has an intriguing theme that makes you want to enjoy all the excitement of a night out on the town. After all job search is an adventure and with the right perspective can be exciting.

I especially like his video on using the right kind of portfolio when arriving at an interview. Another post that is thought provoking is about hiding or not hiding your age on a resume.

There are other insightful posts and oodles of videos and I encourage you to drop by and make your own review.


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