When was the last time you visited a blog and just exhaled? Well I find that Cameraboomer is one of those blogs that will cause you to exhale stress and remain speechless with the awesome photos displayed.

Not only does boomer artist and my husband, Ray Horner Jr, share reflection inducing pictures but he tells you the kind of camera he used and at times the lens. This is great. However, even if you don’t know anything beyond a basic throw away kodax you will still enjoy his site.

One of my favorate posts, titled, Henri Cartier-Bresson Acted Out, showcases a love scene between a loving couple we call, Aunt Bertha and Uncle Gus. They were our neighbors and we used to attend bible studies at their home. We were very close to them and so personally tender moments in their presence flash before my eyes when I see the picture that oozes with the love they had for each other.

There are others of course like the picture of my father-in-law relaxing. Each picture

has a story and much of the stories you can see in the picture itself. That is evident with the powerful black and white picture , Success Starts With A Dream. He has made mini-motivational prints of some of the pictures displayed.

He posts regularly so I look forward to visiting his site to see what new picture he has captured. I know you are probably thinking that we share the same studio so why wouldn’t I know what pictures he is going to post? The answer is often I do not know what pictures he will choose to share.

So take time to take a break and visit the site when you can.


PS I really like this site and If I were giving out ratings this would be a +++10 and that is an unbiased assessment.:)

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.