I recently found gather.com and joined it to see what it was like. The stats today read

31,038 members and 8,472 are 45-64 years of age. It is a very busy site and lots of opportunities to meet, greet and get deep on various topics. I noticed that as soon as I joined someone made a comment about my picture. This sparks conversations and the request was made to comment on their picture for bonus points to win a current contest. Now that was interesting. Further exploration and I found out that they have a reward system for inviting folks to join and other revenue opportunities.

Let me summarize with a couple of points the things I found out about this site.

  • There is great content on the site
  • It appeals to writers of all mediums via the publish feature. I took the opportunity to post an article. They also allow you to post an image with the article.
  • You can post videos to the site directly from your hard drive and it will generate embedded code that you can place somewhere else.
  • They have a reward system t hat is redeemable for cd’s books, vacations , etc.
  • Categories on the site include books, arts and entertainment, writing news, money, music, just to name a few.
  • Search on the term, blogging boomers, generated many folks that you can ask to be connected to based on similar interests.
  • There are special accommodations for the visually impaired which is a super plus.
  • You have the option to Digg your publications but currently Digg is not accepting the url because of spamming. Don’t know the story behind that. I did not try the other options.
  • There are boomer groups like AARP and others.
  • Easy upload of images.
  • You will not be bored.

I am still exploring and looking forward to posting more articles and checking out the revenue system a bit more.

If you like social marketing sites for business or fun this site could use your participation as well as feedback. The folks seem to be, so far, friendly and helpful.

I say it is worth exploring. Below is one of several widgets they make available so you can invite new membership plus be identified with the affiliate type code to let them know who referred the new visitor. It all adds up to points like grocery store coupons. That’s fun to if you enjoy shopping. (smile)

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By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.