The most important entity in the world is the family so we are – just4families

That is the tag line for the site just4families. I like the site because it is dealing with insights from a boomer who is sharing her insights about parent hood to other boomer parents. She states:

“I am a 50 plus second time parent with 4 little girls all under 5. I trying to get a forum and blog space put together for parents who are a little on the mature side.”

The site has lots of resources for those who need to reconnect to the joys of parenthood while in their boomer years. The author is based in Australia which is really cool for those who want to learn more beyond the shores of the USA on child rearing. One of the things I love about blogging is the ability to make those unique cultural connections and learn without getting on a plane.(smile)

I also like herĀ  blog design and the interesting fonts she uses for all her headings. She is using a Drupal blogging platform. I will discuss that platform soon on

So bottom line is , if you are a boomer parent who could use some additional resource info and someone to chat with that understands what it is like to have a child in your mature years check out this site!


By Rosie

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