Have you visited  the aarp site yet? If not,What are you waiting for? This is probably one of the most comprehensive, content filled and concise sites for boomers around. But that makes sense since that what AARP is all about, right?

You  can also join AARP from this site. Plus you can access the online magazine. But even if you don’t join as a you can access the search features and other great information on the site. I was interested in knowing the international membership in the AARP association. So my search on the site showed the following results:

Q: Where do the majority of AARP’s international members live?
A: The top 10 countries of residence of AARP international members are:

  • Canada: 45%
  • England: 11%
  • Israel: 6%
  • Germany: 4%
  • Mexico: 4%
  • France: 3%
  • Japan: 2%
  • Switzerland: 2%
  • Bermuda: 2%
  • Australia: 2%

Did I hear someone ask, What is AARP? American Association of Retired Persons.

But guess what, you don’t have to be retired to join.

Go check out the site and jump in the deep water of information that is there.


By Rosie

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  1. Perhaps I am “resisting,” but I still haven’t been able to actually join (smiles). Maybe it’s because I don’t feel I will ever retire? Thanks for the reminder, anyway!

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